Thursday, October 18, 2012

OpenGL ES with iOS 5 Part 2: Rendering a masterpiece – Swipe Conference 2012

At September's Swipe Conference I gave two talks on OpenGL with iOS. The first talk, "OpenGL ES with iOS 5 Part 1: Learning to draw" was an introduction to OpenGL ES and GLKit. The second talk covered rendering effects in OpenGL using GLKit, looking at the OpenGL debugging and profiling tools that ship with Xcode, and demonstrating how OpenGL can be used for some fancy segue transitions.
In more detail, my talk "OpenGL ES with iOS 5 Part 2: Rendering a masterpiece" covered:

  • Rendering textured triangles using GLKTextureLoader and GLKBaseEffect;
  • Creating cubemaps using GLKTextureLoader;
  • Rendering skyboxes using GLKSkyboxEffect;
  • Rendering reflection map effects using GLKReflectionMapEffect;
  • Demonstration of the Xcode OpenGL ES frame debugger;
  • Demonstration of the OpenGL ES Driver and Analyzer instruments;
  • Demonstration of the OpenGL ES Performance Detective;
  • Performance recommendations specific to OpenGL ES on iOS devices;
  • Demonstration of some fancy custom storyboard segue transitions using OpenGL ES
The slides from the talk are available at or [PDF]

The demo apps used in the talk are all released open source.

SwipeOpenGLTriangles demonstrates rendering textured triangles  –

Swipe3D demonstrates GLKSkyboxEffect, GLKReflectionMapEffect, cubemap textures and indexed vertices –

FancySegue shows how to build custom segue transitions using OpenGL –
All the sample apps are universal and support all orientations.

Also see my post about the first talk: OpenGL ES with iOS 5 Part 1: Learning to draw – Swipe Conference 2012.

Update: the presentation video is now available online at