Monday, May 23, 2011

CMPopTipView - new animation option

In December I introduced a custom iOS UIView: CMPopTipView, a view for presenting targeted tips or callout views.

CMPopTipView got a small update recently, a new presentation animation style submitted by myell0w.

The default animation style I originally implemented was a simple slide into place while fading in effect. Subtle, nice. This is still the default.

The new animation style option is a pop out style animation, like iOS UIAlertViews. This style could be useful when you need to catch the user's attention.

To enable the pop out style animation set the animation property to CMPopTipAnimationPop. For example:

CMPopTipView *popTipView = [[[CMPopTipView alloc] initWithMessage:@"My message"] autorelease];
popTipView.animation = CMPopTipAnimationPop;
popTipView.delegate = self;
[popTipView presentPointingAtView:button inView:self.view animated:YES];

Get CMPopTipView from github or read more details about this update from the pull request.

Monday, May 16, 2011

River Level 1.1

I recently updated River Level for iPhone to version 1.1. The main feature added to 1.1 is the ability to customise the units of measurement. Specifically:
  • River depth: meters or feet;
  • Water temperature: celsius or fahrenheit
River Level was created in Australia, initially for NSW waterways, so had only shown measurements in meters & celsius. After the addition of USA rivers boosted the app's popularity in America the option for feet/fahrenheit was requested by a lot of American users (understandably) so I was happy to find some time to add the option.

Units of measurement can be customised by going to system Settings / River Level.

To make the user experience even smoother, the first river you add determines the default units of measurement. So if the first river you add is an American river, the units automatically default to feet/fahrenheit. This should remove the need for most users to access Settings.

River Level is free in the App Store.