Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Paper Baron

Late last year I worked on a cool little iPhone game for the Australian Air Force Defence Jobs: Paper Baron. The development was managed by Millipede Creative Development, and the project was produced & designed by GPYR Melbourne.
Paper Baron is a 2D side scrolling game. In the game, you glide a 3D rendered paper plane through a world of paper constructed obstacles and scenery, aiming to fly for as far as possible.

The game adds a social element in the form of user-created Airstrips. Airstrips are basically geolocation fixed leader boards. Any user can create an Airstrip at their physical location. If they are physically close enough to an Airstrip, users can launch their plane from it to challenge the Airstrip's leader board.

Paper Baron has already been awarded with a Gizmodo App Of The Day award.

You can see the game in action by watching the Paper Baron Trailer on YouTube.

Paper Baron is free in the App Store, check it out.