Friday, December 23, 2011

Cocoaheads Talk: Developing an iPad in-store interactive product browser

Earlier in the year I was hired to build an interactive product browsing iPad app for a large clothing retailer. The app was deployed in brick & mortar stores, kiosk-style. It ended up being a technically interesting project, requiring simulation of bubble physics and careful optimisation to be able to quickly scrub full iPad screen resolution photographs of the modelled clothing, with panning and zooming up to 4x resolution. In total, 840 high resolution (4x) images were embedded.

In April 2011 I gave a talk at Melbourne Cocoaheads about the project, detailing some of the technical challenges and how I solved them. You can watch this talk on Vimeo (embedded below).

Proudly, the app won a FWA Mobile Of The Day (MOTD) Award in October.