Tuesday, March 8, 2011

iRaspberry 1.6

Recently I had the pleasure of working with the Lycette Bros, hired to update their cool iRaspberry iPhone apps (App Store: iRaspberry Lite [free], iRaspberry Pro [AU$1.19]).

iRaspberry is a simple but fun concept that has your iPhone stand-in for your mouth expressions! It comes with a load of video clips of various mouths performing raspberries, tongue pokes, kisses and other actions and you simply choose an action and hold it in front of your mouth to really show people how you feel about them.

I helped the Lycette Bros produce the 1.6 release, which added a bunch of new video clips, updated the video handling & in-app purchase code for iOS SDK 4.x and added iAds to the free lite version.

iRaspberry is also available on Android (Android Market: iRaspberry Lite [free], iRaspberry Pro [AU$1.00]).

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