Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Locayta Notes shows off iOS full text search

Locayta Notes
This week at Locayta we released an iPad/iPhone (universal) app to demonstrate the Locayta Search Mobile full text search library for iOS. Locayta Notes is a free iPad/iPhone note taking app which obviously offers full text search of the contents of all notes. Search is updated in real time as notes are being written or modified. It includes all the fancy search features such as word stemming, automatic spell correction, user defined synonyms and various sorting options.

But that's not all! Locayta has also released the full source code for Locayta Notes under an open source license. The source code should be a very useful resource for Locayta Search Mobile developers. All that is needed to build the app is the Locayta Search Mobile SDK, a free download from Locayta (currently in beta).

Finally, I will be doing a talk and demo of Locayta Search Mobile at this month's Melbourne CocoaHeads meeting on Thursday. Hope to see you there if you can make it.

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